Dr. Ben Barry | Philosophy
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My research philosophy is grounded in challenging the rigid gender binary and narrow beauty ideal that are reinforced by the current fashion system and harm people’s health and wellbeing. By destabilizing norms and advancing diversity through my research, I ultimately want to help make the world more inclusive, accepting and just and inspire others in all arenas to do the same.

I employ a multi-methods research approach. I believe that diverse methods of data collection and analysis can each yield unique but complimentary insights that allow for multidimensional understandings of a single topic. I collect data from interviews, surveys, visual sources, objects and the arts. I hope my unconventional approach will inspire scholars to combine methods in novel ways.

My research covers three topics: (1) diversity in women’s fashion advertising, (2) diversity in men’s fashion advertising, and (3) men’s fashion consumption and gender diversity. I aim to inspire five audiences with the findings of my research: (1) scholars, (2) students, (3) governments, (4) industry, and (5) the public.