Dr. Ben Barry | Industry
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Based on the findings of my research, I help develop, cast and produce numerous fashion shows and campaigns that promote inclusive and diverse images of beauty and identity.

Here are a few projects that I worked on:

Elle Canada/ Elle Quebec

The women in my research wanted to see models who reflected their ages, sizes and races but in images that celebrated fashion’s creativity, trends and artistry. What would this look like? I sought to bring my research findings to life as guest editor for the editorial “Graphic Games.” In this photo shoot, nine women of diverse shapes, ages and ethnicities demonstrated that the aspirational qualities of fashion images and current trends of the season can be embodied by all of us.


Herringbone Magazine

My research revealed that men wanted to see a far greater variety of men’s bodies and expressions of masculinities reflected in fashion. As co-creative director of “Expanding the Male Ideal” editorial, I helped conceive, cast and produce a photo shoot that re-imagined how men could be depicted in fashion. The images celebrated the diversity of men’s bodies and the panorama of ways that they embody gender identities through their own clothes and styling.


World MasterCard Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are an important vehicle to influence fashion retailers, media and other industry players and—through the sharing of runway images in traditional and social media—the public. I have helped produce fashion shows for Canadian designers—including Cheri Milaney and Allistyle—at World MasterCard Fashion Week that featured their collections on models who reflected the diversity of their consumers. Each time a diverse model took to the runway, she helped expand ideals of beauty and boost the body confidence of those who watched.



FThe Ogilvy Foundation, the non-profit organization of Dove’s advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather, funded my research on women’s response to diverse models. By providing strategic insights from my research findings, I helped consult and cast for the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. This advertising campaign was the first to create a dialogue about the importance of diverse beauty in the media.