Dr. Ben Barry | Courses
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Here are some of the courses that I have taught:


Fashion Concepts and Theory

This lecture course introduces students to the study of fashion within an interdisciplinary context. It will examine issues such as diversity, identity, aesthetics, consumption, authorship and new media and places these within a sociological, cultural, historical and business context. Fashion will be examined in relation to media and marketing, health and well-being, globalization and culture.

FFC 41

Fashion Communications Senior Project

This studio course provides an opportunity for students to reflect upon the accumulated experience from previous years, synthesize skills and seek relevant knowledge in the context of an in-depth research program of their own design. Students choose a topic to investigate through academic and creative research that is guided with exploratory projects, critiques, and formal presentations.

FS 8102

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Fashion entrepreneurs lead cultural, social and economic change. This course explores theoretical perspectives of fashion entrepreneurship, frameworks to identify and execute opportunities, and the business model generation process as applied to the fashion industry. Students will learn about entrepreneurs in the Canadian and international fashion industry. They will develop a socially-oriented yet profit-driven approach to developing fashion industry business models.

FS 8001

Research Methods

Students will be introduced to creative, humanities and social science research methodologies and methods in the context of fashion studies. They will become familiar with developing research questions, conducting literature reviews, designing research plans as well as gathering and analyzing information. The role of research ethics, the reflexivity of the researcher as well as critical analysis and practical application of research will be highlighted throughout the course

PGFS 5142

Fashion and Everyday Life
Graduate (Parsons)

This intensive course explores the ‘fashion system of the ordinary’ as existing alongside but in distinction to high fashion. Students investigate how people engage with fashion in everyday life in order to navigate and negotiate gender, identity and social/cultural contexts by using interdisciplinary theoretical and research perspectives. With the focus on 1890-2010 in the United States, the course is framed by modernity and postmodernity, by the acceleration and anxiety provoked by consumption, and by the global nature of fashion.